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 Post subject: Release info
PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:38 pm 
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New release out now 2.4.1

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 11 22 (v 2.41) ++++++++++
- Credits now goes to killer if opponets bails.
- Self timed race at Friendly AF10.
- Parachute's now visible for bailing players.
- Gun recoil effects modeled.
- Gear rumble effect modelled.
- Breaking adjusted.
- Gear drag adjusted.
- Bug and performace fixes.

And the complete release history of FW, if you missed anything :)

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 11 13 ++++++++++
- Gun recoil effects modeled.
- Gear rumble effect modelled.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 25 (v. 2.38 v 2.39) ++++++++++
- Force update, to get online play up to date.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 23 (v. 2.37) ++++++++++
- Ghosting bug finally solved. Take 5.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 22 (v. 2.36) ++++++++++
- Ghosting bug finally solved. Take 4.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 22 (v. 2.35) ++++++++++
- Ghosting bug finally solved. Take 3.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 21 (v. 2.34) ++++++++++
- Ghosting bug finally solved. Take 2.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 20 ++++++++++
- Changes on the server side. Fire and damage messages will not be passed on
if no valid ac state message is registered.
- Switched back to quad three search for render targets.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 20 (v. 2.33) ++++++++++
- Gosting bug finally solved.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 20 (v. 2.32) ++++++++++
- Release
+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 15 ++++++++++
- Aircraft/aircraft collision disabled if gears are down.
- /FPS 1 command now show average ping in online scenes.
- Alex fix. Training gunnery now requires one kill (instead of three) to pass.
- Alex fix. Training nag dialog moved to mission select scene.
- Alex fix. "Input player name" changed to "My name is...".
- Alex fix. Flight school dialog completed changed.
- Alex fix. Dialog text in flight school 3 dialog no longer duplicated
for each try.
- Alex fix. Flight school 1 now opponents starts
almost at same level as player.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 14 ++++++++++
- Better ground handling of network proxies.
- Gear now shows for online opponents.
- Boosting now shows for online opponets.
- Missed quad three bug solved.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 12 (v. 2.31) ++++++++++
- Stick sens roll now work for sensor control.
- Bullit damage effect tuned.
- Texan tuned, to get a little more speed into the
Texan only.
- Fixed bug where initial yaw stick setting were set to minimum.
- Initial training is now easyer to complete.
- P-38 guns tuned.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 10 08 (v. 2.30) ++++++++++
- New aircraft the P-38 J.
- Improved lag handling.
- Texan is now a bit lighter.
- Friendly arena now shows player positions in briefing.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 30 ++++++++++
- New smoke effect when boosting and increased throttle.
- Adjusted thrust and exhaust positions on all aircrafts.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 29 ++++++++++
- Engine damage in P-38.
- Multi engine should show in hangar as xxx hp x 2.
- Damage on multi engine aircrafts.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 28 ++++++++++
- Fixed bug where P-38 engines were mounted on wrong aircraft element,
which made damage model gave damage to wrong engine.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 24 ++++++++++
- Stick settings are now stored individually for each aircraft.
- P-38 F armament tuned.
- Fixed bug where prop disc were visible when engine stopped, (single engine aircrfts).
- Fixed bug where engine sound stopped even if there were running
engines (multi engine aircrafts).
- Fixed bug where fire didn't spread properly in the airframe.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 23 (v. 2.29) ++++++++++
- P-38 F combat tuned.
- Improved network lag processing, both server and client.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 21 (v. 2.28) ++++++++++
- New aircraft, P-38 F.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 19 ++++++++++
- A6M2 no longer show as spit in low lod levels.
- Reduced bullit travel time.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 18 ++++++++++
- Fixed P-51 D Ai, it now fights back properly.
- Hurricanes now show their tail wheel..

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 18 (v. 2.27) ++++++++++
- Adjusted drag, gravity drop and timing for bullits.
- Adjusted gear oleo spring/damping to make take offs and
landings easyer.
- Improved inventory backup system.
- Yes, the P-38 will come in the next release.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 10 ++++++++++
- Fix Inventory database history, now 32 days are stored.
- PlayerInventory database is now deprected. remove next month.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 09 08 (v. 2.26) ++++++++++
- Adjustment of max gear rolling speed. It is now
a little easyer to take off as a higher speed is allowed
before gear starts to take damage.
- Friendly map no longer covers fuel dialog.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 31 (v. 2.25) ++++++++++
- Tuning of flight surface compression on the
Spit IX, Fw 190 A8, A6M5 Zero, P-51 D.
- Fixed bug where fuel alert dialog were overdrawn with other texts.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 28 (v. 2.24) ++++++++++
- New aircraft the A6M5 Zero.
- Tuning of the Hurri's, Bf109's and Zekes to fit the new athmosphere model.
The 190's, Spit's and P-51 seem ok, havn't touch them yet.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 27 (v. 2.23) ++++++++++
- Control surface compression fixed.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 26 (v. 2.22) ++++++++++
- Refuel now works as repair and rearm at airfield.
- Fixed dead lock situation in server restart.
- GMT time now shown in hangar, to aide event start coordination.
- Athmosphere now reaches 45000 ft and the density
function is tuned accordingly.
- Mass properties adjusted for all aircraft to fit the new athmosphere.
- Spawn positions now higher in online scenes.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 21 (v. 2.21) ++++++++++
- Now texture usage can be set at high, mid and low.
Devices with low memory can try setting to mid or low
to prevent out of memory crashes.
The setting is found as texture usage button
in the setting scene.
The new Zekes apparently got some devices on their knees
and this will probably help a lot.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 20 (v. 2.20) ++++++++++
- New aircraft A6M3 Zeke.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 18 (v. 2.19) ++++++++++
- Plenty of room for aircraft selection.
- Noe alt changed to 1000 ft.
- Damage level for baling now raised to 45%.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 17 (v. 2.18) ++++++++++
- First version of the friendly arena.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 16 ++++++++++
- Fixed bug where online scores were updtated in the middle of drawing.
- Tuning of A6M2.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 15 ++++++++++
- Work on the friendly arena.
- Clickable banner to the forum.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 13 (v. 2.17) ++++++++++
- New aircraft A6M2 Zero.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 08-11 ++++++++++
- Work on the A6M2 Zero

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 05 ++++++++++
- Added speed the the network update prio.
- Adjusted dist threshold in network update prio.
- More work on a hack/cheat detection tool. Now one can analyze
an banlist file.
- Added bans for devices gathered from 07-08 potential banlist files. 67 hackers banned:(

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 03 ++++++++++
- Beginning to work on a hack/cheat detection tool.
- Adjusted the 109 E fuselage and tail physical model.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 08 01 (v. 2.16) ++++++++++
- Required update for online gaming.
- Added check for extreme lag in player connections.
- Added banning of cheating players.
- Added functionality for removing chat privileges for players
abusing the online chat or forum.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 07 11 (v. 2.15) ++++++++++
- Network lag handling adjusted.
- Adjusted refueleing times.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 06 26 (v. 2.14) ++++++++++
- The Fw Challange first four missions.
- Disabled first free fuel, as it was to eaasy to hack at the present.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 06 17 (v. 2.13) ++++++++++
- Fixed aircraft listing force close bug in the shop.
- Airframe adjustment of P51 D, Hurri 1, 2B and 2C to correct
instability problems at higher speed.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 06 14 (v. 2.12) ++++++++++
- Recover inventory from server store.
- Recover player data to new device.
- First fuel is now free.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 06 08 ++++++++++
- Title row in upgrade scene.
- Dialog image is now a little larger.
- Refctoring of dialogs and texts.
- Removed flight instructor dialog image.
- First aircraft purchade gratulations text changed, to be clearer of uppgrades.
- Low on funds dialog now has button Later and get Funds.
- Flurry events for aircraft purchase, uppgrade purchase and aircraft + uppgrade.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 06 06 (v. 2.10-2.11) ++++++++++
- Fixed respawn bug.
- Server update.
- Score counting in team furball.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 06 05 (v. 2.9) ++++++++++
- Uppdated Hurricane 2C
- New Hurricane 2B in Russian leand/lease markings.
- Client side network play improvements.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 06 02 (v. 2.8) ++++++++++
- Uppgrades for Bf 109 F and G now shows and works as expected.
- Fixed bug where app crashed in hangar on higher ranks.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 31 (v. 2.7) ++++++++++
- Fuel purchase confirmation dialogs.
- Changed spacing in online score list to make more room.
- Take off training now don't flash gear button if alredy raised or in transit.
- Upgrade button in debreifen if no next is available.
- Gear up safety on message shown.
- Instructor pilot image added in flight school.
- Nicer text in enter player name dialog. Quite fun actually, Gabby's back:)

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 30 ++++++++++
- Sensor calibration button now only shows if in tilt mode or in cockpit vr mode.
- Level changed to stage text in aircraft upgrade scene.
- Confirmation dialogs for aircraft and upgrade purchases.
- Typo bee fixed..
- Updated all in game dialogs to the standard FW except fuel relateed.
- If low on funds or gold in aircraft shop, a dialog now suggest a visit
to iap scene to obtain more.
- If low on funds or gold in aircraft upgrade, a dialog now suggest a visit
to iap scene to obtain more.
- Aircraft shop now remebers last viewed aircraft.
- Fixed bug where flight menu CTRL failed to open.
- Reduced initial stick sensitivity slightly.
- Increased max possible stick sensitivity.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 29 ++++++++++
- Increased spawn area in Furball scene.
- Increased spawn height and randomization in Furball scene.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 27 ++++++++++
- Server stability increased.
- Landing gear drag reduced.
- Prop drag reduced.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 26 ++++++++++
- Fixed bitmap recycling error on scene close down.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 25 (v. 2.6) ++++++++++
- Selection of aircraft in shop now works as expected.
- Funds bonus for landed kills online.
- Funds bonus for online kills increased.
- Funds for kills increased in training missions.
- Funds for kills increased in single play missions.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 23 (v. 2.5) ++++++++++
- Required update for online play.
- Server stability improved.
- Gold bonus for landed kills online.
- Rank bonus for landing damaged online.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 21 (v. 2.4) ++++++++++
- 2.4 Released.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 20 ++++++++++
- Texan only now checks if a texan actually is in the inventory.
- Redesigned the aircraft shop, it now has buutons for trainer, early, mid, late war planes.
- Now one needs to own at least one aircraft in the previous tier to by one in a specific tier.
- Top 100 is now correctly spelled.
- Online flight scenes now credit shooter with kill of opponent bails or exits.
- If exiting not landed, player score is reduced by 1.
- Team furball now initially automatically selects team with lowest number.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 19 ++++++++++
- Fuel refill time shortened to 3 mins.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 18 (v. 2.3) ++++++++++
- Fixed bug where large score lists failed in online breifing scenes.
- Changes to flight school. It now requires a few less button clicks to get started.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 16 ++++++++++
- Fixed bug where corrupt damage amount caused failure..
- Fixed bug where to loong chat messages failed on the server, come on guys.
- Removed error received null message.
- Increased server connections from 256 to 512.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 16 (v. 2.2) ++++++++++
- Inventory saved server side.
- IAP purchases saved server side.
- High amounts of funds and gold no longer allowed online.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 11-14 ++++++++++
- Several fixes on the server.
- Fixed null pointer with sorted objects.
- Killer aircraft type is now displayed in kill message.
- Increased rank now slightly affects long distance eye focus.
Modeling the increased ability of experienced fighter pilots to actually
see opponents far away.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 11 ++++++++++
- Flurry event to track iap types.
- Flurry event to collect completed flightscool with tilt or pad as event param.
- Enabled large heap.
- Enabled recycle of text canvas bitmaps.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 10 (v. 2.1) ++++++++++
- Player names is now displayed in Furball.
- Updated fw 190 A1-A8 flight models.
- Upgrades can no be turned on or off by command /UPGRADES X
where X = 0 run without upgrades X = 1 run with upgrades.
- Turn on off music by /MUSIC 0 or /MUSIC 1
- Adjust music volume by /MUSICVOLUME X where x is between 0.0 and 1.0

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 09 ++++++++++
- Fixed bug where online objects failed network sync because they were already removed.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 07 ++++++++++
- Adjusted some rank dependent bullit collision factors.
- Some ambient music while not fighting.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 04 ++++++++++
- Full day, tracking down a horrible bug. The score list failed when more than 50 players score
were sent over the network.
- Fixed a bug where bullit online proxy objects did not get cleared from the scene graph properly.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 02 ++++++++++
- Reduced the available total sim time to see if low end device performance improves.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 02 (v. 2.0) ++++++++++
- Prepared and released the first public version of FW2.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 05 01 (v. 0.47) ++++++++++
- Fixed in lod level 4 rendering showing white textures on some devices.
- Some tuning of damage debri emmitters.
- Flight school is now disabled after completion.
- Command /FLIGHTSCHOOL X where X = 0 hides flight school and X = 1 enables flight school.
- Larger sun.
- Fixed a bug where a no card coupled to a google account made the app fail.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 24 (v. 0.46) ++++++++++
- Mission debriefing alert views changed to in game dialog.
- Updated Spitfire 9 model.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 23 (v. 0.45) ++++++++++
- At start of flight school, player will be instructed about
pad or tilt control.
- New in game text dialogs in flight school.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 20 (v. 0.44) ++++++++++
- Added some space between the bars in ac info panel. We still have space for the coming ac info button.
- It is now possible to by fuel by hitting the fuel meter in the status bar.
- Training button no longer states that it unlocks single play.
- IAP status bar button now has a larget hit zone.
- Training reward is lowered, we no longer give the hurri away, instead we
give quite a lot of funds for upgrading the Texan to bee more competitive in Texan only.
- Training landing is now a bit more tolerant of bad landings.
- Next training now display mission info.
- Lesson two changed to one oppoent killed.
- Lesson one changed to 4 opponents hit.
- Texan now show wing tip con trails at 4 g.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 18 ++++++++++
- Fixed bug where retry button on training missions acted as next. TY Rob
- Fixed bug where control system damage didn't get repared properly. TY Adrian

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 16 ++++++++++
- Adjusted gear angle on AT-6. TY Shawn
- Start screen logo is now 75% smaller.
- Back button moved left a bit.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 16 (v. 0.43) ++++++++++
- Adjustments of mission areas, some got smaller some got wider.
Single furball and Texan only got smaller.
Scramble, Furball and team Furball got wider.
- Fixed bug where one got up ranked to 7 when entering single
play furball. A left over from last debugging session.
- Command /VERSION to check current version number.
- Command /RANK to check current rank.
- Command /RANKPOINTS to check current rank points.
- Command /NEXTRANK to check next rank's needed rank points.
- Fixed a bug where online proxies didn't get removed from the quad tree correctly.
- Adjusted AT-6 Texan gunsight size and position.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 15 (v. 0.42) ++++++++++
- Fixed (bug or feature who knows....). However, when an aircraft is hit, a self destruct process is begun.
To model, especially if burning, the degradation over time of the ac structure due to the damage.
This damage is inflicted by the "SYSTEM" and does not count as damage inflicted by the shooter.
For a kill to be registered to a specific player, the player must have inflicted more than 20% overall damage
to the opponent. In the new FW2 damage model this resulted in that sometimes, a single incendiary round could start a fuel tank fire,
with the corresponding fire damag inflicted by the system and that inspite of a good hit the kill was registered as a system kill,
and did not count a a kill for the shooter. The percentage is now set to 5% inflicted damage to get a score for the downed aircraft.
Still, to get credited for a kill, a fluke bullit probably wont be enough. TY Grudden for finding this.
- New iap button icon.
- New lanucher icons, switches with device dpi.
- BTW It's a patrol boat in there now, lurking somewhere in the channel, as a prototype for comming
anti shipping missions.....

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 14 (v. 0.41) ++++++++++
- Next training mission button in debriefing (if in training).
- Fixed a bug where mission rewards were handed out multiple times. TY Ulf
- After flying Texan Only online map the selected ac is reverted to the original.
- Bullit effect now is not visible above dist 500 for ordinary and 700 for explosive bullits.
- Current fov in flight scenes are now persisted.
- Command for fov text
where: 35 < X < 75
- FOV select is now back in flight/view menu.
- Fixed a bug where retry didn't work from flight school debriefing.
- Sun glare effect is now a bit more visible.
- Dirty lens effect is now a bit more visible.
- Bug, single play furball no longer acts as a training mission.
- Typo ww2 is now spelled WW2.
- Typo, buy is now correctly spelled.
- New logo in start scene.
- New stuff dialog moved to hangar scene.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 13 (v. 0.40) ++++++++++
- FPS text is now hidden by default.
- Command for fps text
where; X=0 hide fps X=1 show fps.
- Online connection status disconect etc. is now display as red overlay text.
- IAP buttons now show actual cost in white.
- T/W WL bars hidden.
- Typo, it is now spelled too fast/too slow...
- Removed "ambient" aircrafts in training landing scene.
- Sun is back, got lodded away, with the new lodding system.
- Pilot and refuel image is now "not round".

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 12 ++++++++++
- Direct button to the hangar.
- Commands for icon text and icon dist rendering, may greatly improve rendering on slower devices
turning icons off.
where X:
where X:
- Ajusted collision box sizes on buildings, this will need some more work though.
Right now the code is to simplistic.
- Adjusted Spit flight models, heard that there were som high speed stability issues.
- Padlock don't release lock on small sun angles any more.
- New funds icon.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 10 (v. 0.39) ++++++++++
- Special private release.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 09 (v. 0.38) ++++++++++
- Player name, displayed in Texan Only.
- In game camera toggle now switches track/cockpit/padlock.
- Camera back button now work in cockpit view.
- Fade removed from start scene.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 09 (v. 0.37) ++++++++++
- Optimizations on online messages. Update required.
- Funds/gold param to Flurry are now reduced.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 08 ++++++++++
- Top rank increased to level 16.
- Online refueling fixed. Fuel is not draw from inventory until next take off is completed.
- Padlock view now render the internal model.
- Online scenes now exit to briefen if fuel depots are empty (inventory fuel).
- Iap buttons now desplay actual cost in local currency.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 07 (v. 0.36) ++++++++++
- Renamed apk to fw2.apk
- Fixed a bug where mission rewards didn't work when exiting on empty fuel.
- Fixed some issues in the new online code.
- New smaller respawning mission info.
- Fixed hud hiding when respawning.
- New lager sized back button.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 06 (v. 0.35) ++++++++++
- New respawning mission info dialog.
- Reduced online respawning time to 8 sec.
- Fixed a bug where reloading/refeuling did not work after a low level flight. The take off
were not registered if keeping noe after take off.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 05 ++++++++++
- Even more fixes with the button list.
- Refacturing of online code, it's now a lot easyer to maintain.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 04 (v. 0.34) ++++++++++
- New online map! Texan only. Lets find out who's the Sierra Hotel AT-6 Texan driver.
- Adjusted touch areas for camera rotations.
- Some additional training aide messages, mostly about speed management.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 04 (v. 0.33) ++++++++++
- Multiple refueling now possible in solo flight.
- Increased hp on the Texan.
- Upgrades costs are now adjusted.
- Fixed bug where wrong amount were displayed in iap gold buttons.
- Engine overheating model now works again.
- Flap and gear state is now synchronized in network play.
- New lod level (4) on aircrafts models to improve graphics performance.
- Single team furball and scramble now displays ongoing team score messages.
- Single team furball and scramble now has working friendlies number setting.
- Control mode normal/real is now stored in setting.
- Training scenes help is now disabled after completion.
- Fixed map zooming.
- Flurry now collects control type normal/real stats.
- Flurry now collects control mode pad/sensor stats.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 03 (v. 0.32) ++++++++++
- P-51 fuel load increased.
- A8 now carries the correct weapons and ammo loads.
- Adjusted gear angles on the 190's.
- Fixed (temporarily) lower lod levels for all aircrafts.
All aircrafts will get a graphic fixes in due time.
- Fixed A8 upgrade weapon texts.
- Fixed a bug (hope fully) where the trigger got stuck in low fps.
- Fixed a bug where throttle control didn't show when switching from real to normal flight mode.
- Hurricane 2 now got other markings than the hurri 1.
- Bf109's, Spit's, and hurricanes o longer retract tail wheel.
- The 190's now have fowler flaps.
- Fixed P-51 gears (port/starb were switched...) Ty Shawn.
- Scraping sound effect when dragging wingtips etc.
- P-51 tuned for FW2.
- Bf 109 F/G flight model tuning.
- Bf 109 F/G moved in from FW1.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 02 (v. 0.31) ++++++++++
- Fixed a newly introduced bug in take off and scramble.
if you haven't seen it, just forget I ever mentioned it :)
- Tuning rudder coupling to roll, now it is less coupled when gears are up.
- Tuning missions for armour and damage models according to player rank.
- Refactoring of the damage model.
- Tuning of weapon and armour factors.
- Button list now works a lot better, than before.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 04 01 (v. 0.30) ++++++++++
- Fixed aircraft high speed stability problems.
- It's now possible to set number of friendlies in single play team furball.
- Made room for more aircrafts in inventiry.
- Some work on the mission button list.
- Similar fix in ingame gui as in the button list.
- Airfields in solo flight scene.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 31 (v. 0.29) ++++++++++
- Spit family finally fixed (almost) and tuned (done).

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 30 ++++++++++
- Fw 190 A4 Jg/54 stuff.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 30 (v. 0.28) ++++++++++
- Fw 190 A1, A4 A8 updated and tuned.
- Refactored tail wheel and ground steering.
- Fixed a bug in landing gear suspension damper.
- Fixed arrow buttons that did not show in online breifings

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 27 (v. 0.27) ++++++++++
- Removed button from start screen.
- Fixed engine pict on 190's
- Fixed typos.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 26 ++++++++++
- Hurricane 1 now has the spinner mounted.
- Hurricane 2 is now back as in FW1
- Wing tip sensor dust when scraping the ground.
- Tail wheel stereing now enabled as in FW1
- Fixed bug were logg scene returned to start scene or it self.
- Fixed a IAP bug where gold were added as funds.
- Flurry upgrade and full scene instrumentation.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 24 (v. 0.26) ++++++++++
- Flight debriefing now handles rank bonus when achieving a new rank.
- Online missions now handle respawns.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 22 (v. 0.24) ++++++++++
- Tuning of flight school mission 3.
- Updating flight school texts.
- Warn players to complete training before flying single or online.
- Removed sound from start scene.
- Fixed a bug where statusbar back returned to start scene.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 18 ++++++++++
- Fixed boost, gear, calibration and camera buttons on clicked method.
- Removed flight school lesson 1, now we only have two lessons.
- Completed flight school now unlocks all missions.
- Added hit that a completed training is even more rewarded.
- Removed reordering of completed training missions.
- AI game is no longer visible in start scene.
- Button row in start scene removed, still reset and start remains.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 17 (v. 0.23) ++++++++++
- Fixed a score calculation bug on server.
- Fixed a problem with network clients reconnect.
- Fixed briefing clients score message handling.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 13 (v. 0.22) ++++++++++
- Enemy indicator drawn large to indicate closest enemy.
- Adjusted funds for kill in all missions.
- Boost is no longer triggered at low throttle settings.
- Fixed trigger behavior on some devices it did not fire continuously.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 10 ++++++++++
- Fixed bug with bullet collision in single play scenes. 48 h debugging work!!!.
- Hit distances is now a part of the scene and may be altered on a on scene basis.
- Fixed ping sound on low end devices.
- Fixed water damage and preventing landing on water.
- Water splash crash effect.
- Water splash bullet effect.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 03 03 ++++++++++
- Fixed a bug with refueling where engine did not get restarted.
- Reduced the number of aircraft shown in hangar. Now you see your inventory or at least 3.
- Some performance tuning in hangar scene.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 24 (v. 0.21) ++++++++++
- IAP test build.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 24 (v. 0.20) ++++++++++
- First IAP test build.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 22 (v. 0.19) ++++++++++
- Setup of fuel consumption and refueling in
flight school, training, single and online scenes.
- Tuning of flightschool aircraft params.
- Removed auto pilot debug messages.
- New graphics in refuel alert dialog.
- Updated texan with rudder etc. graphics.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 19 ++++++++++
- Spitfire 1 aircraft, model and graphics.
- Refueling at fields now enabled in training (where applicable).
- Engine overheat smoke and boost smoke now differs in color.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 17 (v. 0.18) ++++++++++
- New intro (experimental).
- Now bullets start closer to mussle making close in shots possible.
- Fixed bug where home button press/incoming phone call made scene stop working.
back button is still considered closing the current activity is closing app or
android based dialog boxes.
- Paused state is now display as center message.
- Collision against buildings is now enabled (again).
- Mission info is now displayed from ctrl menu <Mission Info>
- Wing tip vortex condensation above 6 g's.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 16 (v. 0.17) ++++++++++
- Time limiting flights in the form of fuel load and consumption.
Fuel consumtion is calulated from engine type and throttle settings.
defuls right now is 3 min flight, this may be tune later.
- Different aircrafts now accepts different fuel loads.
Spits and Bf109 2 min, P51, Fw190 4 min the others 3.
- When 10% fuel remains a "Fuel low warning is displayed" to make it possible to RTB for more fuel, or
to perform a ditch or bail over friendly ground to not loose to much in score.
- Fuel indicator in shown in the alt instrument.
- Disabled setting and iap buttons in flight debriefing scene as this fk'ed up scene navigation.
- Switched to a new (experimental) static intro image, the ingame scene is no longer visible

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 15 (v. 0.16) ++++++++++
- Damage from AAA is now correctly computed in the online arenas.
- New white smoke when boost is engaged.
- Flight logg scene now shows logg info, not only player name and psw.
- Once set, the online psw can not be changed for the moment.
- Score counting and credits now work in the online arenas.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 12 ++++++++++
- Autopilot settings fixed in online furball.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 11 ++++++++++
- Autopilot fixed on low fps devices.
- Autopilot settings fixed in online team furball.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 10 (v. 0.15) ++++++++++
- Online team furball scene (first version).
- Refactored statusbar button handling.
- StatusBar now has a button to access player settings.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 05 (v.14) ++++++++++
- Now opponent rank is displayed on score pages.
- Incorporate rank in online registration and score messages. /Fixed
- Online briefing return to single mission selection. /Fixed
- Old terrain system removed.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 02 03 ++++++++++
- New AT-6 Texan 3d model.
- Prop now turns according to deltatime.
- Aircrafts in hangar now relects inventory.
- Changed lod level switch distances to better reflect noew models.
- Ingame texts arenow slightly larger to improve readability.

+++++++++++ FW2 2014 01 22 (v.13) ++++++++++
- New AT-6 Harvard 3d model.
- New model loading/texturing with decals and transparent canopy parts.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 31 (v.12) ++++++++++
- Gio'n need smaller pad gui. /Fixed
- Ingame online scores. /Fixed
- Map to high noe, online opponents don't show to well. /Fixed
- Server now calculates top 100 not top 10.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 30 ++++++++++
- Mission areas may now be used to keep players within a certain area.
if one moves out of the mission area a warning is displayed and the guns will
be disabled until entering mission area.
- A very basic player log scene. Right now we needed a place for entering player
name and online psw.
- Some work on opponent scale at longer distances to improve visibility.
- Some work on the text messages system as it did not work on low dpi devices.
- Online furball now spawns random within the center of mission area.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 22 (v.11) ++++++++++
- Online airports only show tower and hangars to increase performance on slow devices.
- Online name/psw registering on server.
- Furball briefing scene monthly scores.
- Furball briefing ping/lag time.
- Online opponents draw with wrong amp color.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 20 (v.10) ++++++++++
- Track and cockpit view now has a rotate view option.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 12 ++++++++++
- Fixed sound bug.
- Engine now quit (correctly) at critical damage.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 11 (v.09) ++++++++++
- Final layout of the new ingame gui, complete with graphics. /Fixed
- Larger padding dist. to calibrate button etc. /Fixed
- New text rendering system, used for messages, hud bar and map text.
- New rendering system of map symbols.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 08 (v.08) ++++++++++
- Furball online server up. Playable but some stuff remains to be done...
- New ingame gui. /Fixed (some graphics still remains).
- Toggle camera button. /Fixed
- Toggle views button. /Fixed
- Pitch ladder frame. /Fixed
- Sensor real mode. /Fixed
- Pad real mode. /Fixed
- Input sens in all control and view modes. /Fixed
- Hide messages in some instances, or draw below with more transparency. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 06 ++++++++++
- Changed scaling factors large 1.5, huge 3.
- Fixed menu/view/scale bug.
- Fixed bug which sometimes crashed in game gui texture lists. /Fixed tnx Burt.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 12 05 (v.07) ++++++++++
- Player damaged don't show in hud bar. /Fixed
- Flight school fixed for the new in game controllers. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 26 ++++++++++
- In game hud bar.
- Finally fixed on touch move bug for the S4 and similar devices. It was the event queue
getting flooded, thus missing vital touch event, especially action_down/actionpointer_down as
the following move events flooded the queue and pushed the original down over the edge before it was handled. /FIXED!!!
- Map frame. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 25 (v.06) ++++++++++
- Hurri finished tuning.
- Bf 109 E finished tuning.
- All missions finally playable in the new terrain.
- Removed ac that need model tuning.
- Changed scaling to be LARGE in flight school ortherwise NORMAL.
- Fixed bug where rudder was enabled in NORMAL control mode.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 24 ++++++++++
- Harvard and Texan got a new wing profile
- Hurri model tuning.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 23 ++++++++++
- Fixed button mixup switching padlock - cockpitviews.
- Final tune of the new flight school missions.
- AI tuning of Harvard and Texan.
- z-buffer issue fixed for airstrip decals. Now decals renders on both high and low end devices.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 22 ++++++++++
- Low pass filtering of calculated aircraft g load. Unfiltered cased som weird camara flutter in track as
g load is part of the calculation of track camera position. Draw did ot keep up with the physics... /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 21 (v.05) ++++++++++
- Fixed bug where sensor initialization went wrong starting from paused mode. App restart is now mandatory.
- Sensor calibrate is now delayed 500ms after scene start.
- Physics now run fully decoupled, 20-30% preformance gain.
- Fixed z-buffer issue in the scaled down world.
- Fixed polygon offset tearing in the scaled down world
- New more interesting flight school missions (experimental release).
- Removed easy flight mode.
- Increased default input sens by 30%.
- Increased aircraft bullit hit bounding sphere by 25%.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 16-20 ++++++++++
- The FW world scaled down by 50%
- New default map Europe, game play enhanced. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 14 ++++++++++
- New debriefing graphics.
- All aircraft now runs with the new damage model. Hit's registered on actual aircraft
part, causes damage to that part. If you are hit in port outside wing, first the aileron is damaged.
then increasing damage cause decresed lift and increased drag. Fuselage part holds the engine (conceptually) and
if hit inflicts damage to the engine. Note the actual engine is not modelled as a separate part (yet!!!).

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 13 ++++++++++
- Online test server updated, Need a new online mission to work though. /Fixed.
- New damage model online. /Fixed
- ButtonList scroll sensitivity is now dpi scaled. /Fixed.
- Bug camera near to far away from the ground. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 12 (v. 0.4) ++++++++++
- New realistic damage model in single play. /Fixed
- Advance take off training help.
Training take off need help for gear and flap handling./Fixed
- Water needs more fogging./Fixed
- Enter player name in hangar first show (after flight school) or from start/settings. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 10 ++++++++++
- Disable autopilot in all missions (so far). /Fixed
- Flightschool/Training marker for menu opening to exit scene etc. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 09 ++++++++++
- Flight school lessons needs markers/aide for common controls. /Fixed
- Training mission needs markers/aide for common controls.
- Rearrange training mission buttons after mission are completed. /Fixed
- Flap and/or gear sound hangs sometimes./Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 09 (v. 0.3) ++++++++++
- Mission type buttons now rearrange after flightscool, trainings' completed.
- Samsung S4 bugs mostly fixed (mission button list remains though). /Fixed
- New single play mission "Team Furball".
- Most missions made lower and tighter.
- View penetrates ground (sometimes) when looking at crash site. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 08 ++++++++++
- Larger sun and glare effetcts.
- Fixed button "switch bounce" on high end devices.
- Map icons to small on high end devices. /Fixed
- Single player briefing scene bug. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 03 ++++++++++
- Text system message list. /Fixed
- Tilt to view now resets to zero angle switching from pad tp sensor. /Fixed
- Sometimes the airport buildings down show? /Fixed
- Thighten up distances in flight school and training missions. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 03 ++++++++++
- Fixed problem in the menu multitouch event handling, causing several problems including
1. A feel of rudder lock (which actually were a non visible switch from sensor to pad or vs.).
This happened if you mistreated the look back button./Fixed Tnx Rob!
2. Trim/Flap/Gear or sensitivity sliders did not show as the menu system reported open. /Fixed Tnx Rob!
- Larger firebutton (all buttons actually) in pad mode.
- Mussle flair to opaque. /Fixed
- Gun positions Bf 109e. /Fixed
- Gunsight position Bf 109e. /Fixed
- Prop disc Bf 109e. /Fixed
- Tilt to view in cockpit view. /Fixed
- A little smoke when guns are fired. /Fixed
- Auto pilot don't disengage at stick movement. /Fixed
- Screenshot mode (no HUD). Hud hides for 10 sec. Menu/Hide Hud. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 02 ++++++++++
- Fixed typos and english dialogs. Tnx Rob. /Fixed
- Start scene "PASS ALL" now unlocks all missions. /Fixed
- Gun positions Hurri 1. Hurri now has 8 guns as it should! /Fixed
- Hurri 1. Convertet with the new fw content pipeline! /Fixed
- Harvard and Texan a little to docile. /Fixed
- Harvard now has 4 guns. /Fixed
- Texan now has 6 guns. /Fixed
- Hurri I a little less sensitive. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 11 01 ++++++++++
- New prop disc for Harvard and Texan.
- New Gunsight for Harvard and Texan
- Gunnery training made easyer, tighter and lower. First three is now well set up for easy kill's
- New icon in rewards dialog. /Fixed
- Sun is missing. /Fixed
- Smoke emmited when boost is engaged. /Fixed
- Mussle flare texture renders in wrong position. /Fixed
- Tower view should not have enemy indicators visible.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 10 30 ++++++++++
- Overall scale should be adjusted running on a small screen.
Its really hard to see opponents. /Fixed
adjust opponent scale from View menu.
- Z-buffer problem in track/tower view. /Fixed
- Enemy indictors to small in padlock view. /Fixed
- Texture cache resampling/texture usage. /Fixed
- Mission debriefing scene single play. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 10 27 ++++++++++
- BUG. spawn point in AF2 to high. /Fixed
- Single play Scramble scene (team based playing). /Fixed
- AAA to accurate, got downed to easy :). /Fixed
- AAA check how close friendlies are, to stop firing. Fire away from friendly. /Fixed
- Autopilot feedback on pitch, inverted. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 10 26 ++++++++++
- Training, disable auto-pilot in all missions. /Fixed
- Training 1vs1 disable AAA. /Fixed
- Single play furball scene. /Fixed
- Hurri 1 now fly and fight. /Fixed
- Mission briefing scene. /Fixed in single play furball briefing

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 10 20 ++++++++++
- Select non in buttonlist when bying more fuel. /Fixed
- Flight scool buttons don't need to be pre selected any more. /Fixed
- Training gunnery auto select suitable opponent alt. select from inventory in briefing scene./Fixed to always set opponents to harvards.
- Gunnery and basic fight opponents now has a lower armour factor to make them easyer to kill. /New

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 10 18 ++++++++++
- AAA from airports turned on and fixed(from FW1). /Fixed
- AAA graphics fixed for the new engine. /Fixed
- AAA graphics now shows tracers. /Fixed
- Training take off continue play after the acheivement. /Fixed
- Mission objective in traning landning. /Fixed.
- Mission objective in training basic fight. /Fixed

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 10 17 ++++++++++
- Mission buttonList scrolling. /Fixed
- New scrollable mission list code. /Fixed
- Inventory save load dont work after refactoring. /Fixed
- If flying texan, gunnery opponents always harvards. /Fixed
- Performance low when aaa enabled. / fixed
It was the debri parts of damaged aircrafts that slowed it down.
- BuildingObject now culls a lot soner. /Fixed
- Terrain system water detection. Now one can fly to the sea bottom.

+++++++++++ FW2 2013 10 16 ++++++++++
- New terrain rendering engine (again..)
reverted back to a method similar to FW1, as the performance just wasnt there.
Were back below 50M as well.
- Enabled map zooming in and out (FW1 code was already in place).
- Fixed allied and axis airports to use in the first release.

+++++++++++ ???? ++++++++++

Large hiatus to fw2.

fetch a total score list from the server.
make initial players and sierra hotel come up faster.

- We got a server performance issue when running for some time lag is increasing.
When we sort out the scoring system we can restart the server more often but we need to find out why.

- expand the ac damage model, a few more hits to go from damaged to very damaged....

- in flight message text disappear occasionally.

- ac fuel consumption and fuel weight.

- ac engine over heating.

- airfoil effectiveness in thin air.

- new menu system.

new stuff:

bugs fixed:
roll calculations and pitch ladded now works as ecpected.

+++++++++++ Done +++++++++++
- Spit uc now moves correctly
- More permanent scoring system
persist scores on file. persist every kill info in a name kill info list structure
show last hour scores top 3-5 in the flight view
show last hour scores top 10 or to you got a top 10 list in setup

+++++++++++ ???? ++++++++++

Large hiatus online is on etc.

- Create a video.

+++++++++++ Current beta 6 +++++++++++

+++++++++++ Done beta 6 +++++++++++
- BT duel scene.
- Additional bug fix for touch screen control.

Recent changes Beta 6 release.
New features:
- Bluetooth based dueling scene.
Find a fellow droid aviator and duke it out.

+++++++++++ Current beta 5 +++++++++++
- Standby for market bugs.

Recent changes Beta 5 release.

New features:
- Field of view/zoom is now possible to change in flight.
- Black/red out effects implemented.

Bug fixes:
- Fix for a gui/touch screen related bug appearing on some devices.
- Huge graphic rendering performance optimizations makes
FighterWing runnable on a lot more devices.
It is now developed on Samsung GIO and Galaxy S2.

+++++++++++ Done beta 5 +++++++++++
- Fixed gui bug.
- Optimized performance for low end devices.

+++++++++++ Current beta 4 +++++++++++
- Standby for market bugs.
Recent changes Beta 4 release.

New features
- Static destroyable ground objects.
- New airport models.
- Working AAA.
- Overall improved AI, airport tower now directs AAA and fighters.
- AI Combat scene. Attack the nearby airfield protected by AAA and
and scrambling fighters.
- Added a mission description help file.
- Mission and flight loggs now working.
- New menu text system.
- New audio.

Bug fixes
- Fixed support for devices not running OpenGL 1.1 or
OpenGL 1.1 Extensions. Resulted in a new text rendering
- Fix for a troublesome bug in Android SoundPool.
Resamle of audio files.

+++++++++++ Done beta 4 +++++++++++
- Fix the flight logg record hits for each team etc.
- Fix for troublesome audio bug.
- Created a AI combat scene, with a new map.
- Fixed a bug in the terrain system. One problem remains in the tile creation vs. height calc.
- New font system, not using GL11Ext as many devices dont have it despite
the required api level 10.

+++++++++++ Done beta 3 +++++++++++
- try cached TexFont.printAT, SoundManager.cleanup and added new runnable on the onTouch event.
Lets see if the stray crashes disappear.

+++++++++++ Current beta 3 +++++++++++
- Standby for market bugs.

+++++++++++ Done beta 3 +++++++++++
- Takeoff/landing practice scene starting from ground.
- Allowing takeoff's and landings.
- Clean up text out in Flight scenes.
- Add the eula text at first install.
- Create a info text dialog for help texts etc.
- New sound manager.
- Fixed a onTouchEvent bug when the event occurred before graphics were ready.
- User definable FM ini and model resources.
Create your own fighter. FlightLab.
Load and save text files locally.
Load model obj files locally.
Gui to select current files to use.
- New menu system.
- Stick and weapon settings.

+++++++++++ Done beta 2 +++++++++++

- Ai settings need to be different for each FM, put them in ini files.
- More work on the FM ini files to better reflect different aircrafts.
At least relative each other.

- Reset current view to track when flight level is reloaded.

- Settings for graphic details High/medium/Low.
- Billboard fire/smoke
- Billboard tracer
- Cloud system.
- New terrain system.
- New terrain collision detection system.
- TerrainPatch supports detail mapping.

- All null pointer in nTuch is a race condition where the touch event comes
before the first draw of a scene, hopefully they are all fixed.
- Fixed NullPointerException in MenuScene.onTouchEvent()
- Fixed NullPointerException in AircraftSelectionScene.onTouchEvent()
- Fixed NullPointerException in FlightLoggScene.onTouchEvent()
- Fixed NullPointerException in MissionSelectionScene.onTouchEvent()

+++++++++++ Done Beta 1 +++++++++++
- Loads of stuff :) including release to the market.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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 Post subject: Re: Release info
PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:37 pm 
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Finally a new release....
Been busy working on ships new aircrafts etc.

This release version 2.43 adresses the problems many players had recently with their inventorys.
The inventory save and recovery system has been redesigned totally and hopefully most of the recovery problems
will go away.

If this works ok, I'll go back working on the new arenas and stuff.


"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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 Post subject: Re: Release info
PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:06 pm 
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A new release is coming out now.
A few bugs have been fixed and player numbers online is now shown in the hangar.
A new early war furball map has been added. Intent here is that it should be the next
logical step from flying the texan only.

If you see Macchi's 202 and 205 flying around, no worries, it's just Mino testing the flight models
for a future release of this aircrafts :)


"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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 Post subject: Re: Release info
PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:39 pm 
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Hi Finally a new release! I've just finished uppgrading the servers and from now on everyting should work, nock, nock....

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:21 pm 
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Hello new relese is coming out now, featuring Minos great looking Macchi C.205 Veltro, and some other stuff...
veltro.png [ 1.76 MiB | Viewed 3279 times ]

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:46 am 
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Hi I released 2.60 last night (GMT).

+++++++++++ FW2 2015 10 11 (v. 2.60) ++++++++++
- Aircraft shadows fixed.
- Parachute is now a dynamic object.
- Fixed a bug where very low armored aircafts refused to take damage.
This is an old bug, finally solved.

+++++++++++ FW2 2015 10 07 ++++++++++
- Adjusted engine performance when damaged.
The engine now degrades less with damage.
- Wheel dust no longer penetrates cockpit.
- New instrument panel for 202, 205.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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 Post subject: New Release
PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:04 pm 
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Hi all!
As most of you already have figured out. I've been busy preparing a new arena.
The new arena hopefully keep everyone busy for months if not years to come.
Finally I managed to get most of the game play mechanisms that I originally
planned for FighterWing into the game engine. Still, there's tons of stuff to add,
but now almost anything will be possible.

The "advanced" is highly configurable, almost everything is possible to
set by a configuration message (from scene admins) or from prepared scenes loaded by the advanced server.
This will make special events or recurring events (like the famous BOB) possible, with different rules, plane sets,
weather, time of day etc. etc.

I really wanted to release something before Christmas this year (2015 for the record), and I will :). It's not finished (far from really),
treat it more like an open beta, but here it is.

A short description of the new stuff to be discovered in the "Advanced" arena.
General game play in the first (default) Advanced arena:
The goal it to control/invade the opponent country. This is done by occupying opponent airbases by
landing on them when all local opposition i.e. (all buildings, except the tower) are destroyed.
This is easyer said than done. The AAA is in full swing doing their AI best to protect their airbase.

Radar. Radars post are placed at strategical places and feed radar plots of friendly and enemies. If a radar post are destroyed,
that area of the map will be with out the map radar plots (arrows are still there). So it is important to
kill enemy radar posts.

Rebuild. When buildings and ships are destroyed or damaged a rebuild is started. The actual time it takes to rebuild
a certain object is dependent on the team war production facilities. These are factories and merchant vessels
(yes merchant ships). It is important to keep destroying the opponent´merchant ships and ultimately the factories.

Each airbase has ownership of nearby radar posts and factories and if an airbase is captured, it's owned radars and factories
will get into the hands of the occupying team.

The advanced briefing. here you have an tactical map, like what the allies had during the BOB.
It's similar the the friendly arena with some additional features. The map is enhanced with a grid, I will get back to this later. An info button providing a brief of the current scene settings. An armory button,
here you may add ordnace to your aircraft hard points. The ordnace will cost a few funds. Hopefully this will make
old time playes where funds have piled up busy doing some low level work before engaging opponent aircraft and
let noobs start playing as fighter escorts. Then unlike all other arenas
the advanced briefing has a team chat. The idea here is that returning from a mission, to change airport or load out
every one can acts as a team controller, giving a message to the in game team players about where the enemy is heading
or if a team assault is on its way, give warnings of enemy aircrafts or ships etc.

The armory. ordnace or fuel weight will affect aircraft performance as both fuel and ammo load now are part of the physical model.
if you add a lot of external ordnace or fuel it will make the aircraft heavy and possible quite difficult to fly.
When stuff are dropped, ammo fired or fuel burned the aircraft wil get lighter.

Releasing ordnace. A new weapon select button will toggle between guns, fuel, bomb, and rocket. The release
is done by the ordinary "fire" button. Default one actuator signal is sent to the hard points for each press
on the fire button. If more than one is desired, there's a command to set the desired ripple. If two rockets are to be fired at
each trigger press, the command /RIPPLE 2 will make that happen.

Naval forces. Right now we have a coule of merchant ships cruising the channel for both teams. For the protection of
these traders, there's also a couple of destroyers cruising the same shipping lanes. To figure out if a ship is on your team
is not hard, if it shoots at you, it's not friendly. After a while you will see that alpha and beta merchants
use different models and that ALPHA team use an British z-class destroyer and that BRAVO use an s-class German
destroyer model.

The scene will reset when one team has fully occupied the other. Scored in AA and AG are recorded, I've
just not yet figured out how to display the score tables. Actually, I've been thinking about how to display
the monthly/yearly scores for all arenas anyhow. Probably I need to create a FW score web....

Anyhow, keep the great input coming, even as I don't reply all the time, most of it are read and if I miss anything,
I'm pretty sure the community will get the message thrugh.

Thanks, Merry Christmas and check six!
Mats DRZM Leine

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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 Post subject: Re: Release info
PostPosted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 12:43 pm 
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Hi a close follow up release of the new advanced arena. Several issues were found after a few hours of playing for real, and most of these are fixed in the release.

Stuff fixed:
- Most severe were the fact that ordnace cost were withdrawn if aircraft crashed
or ditched and that ordnace cost were withdrawn if a failed attempt to enter the arena,
like if wrong aircraft was selected. Pm me on the forum or send an email and I will fix
inventorys that suffered from this.
- The advanced briefing map is now much more responsive.
- Rearm reful now work in the furball arena.
- Friendly player names are now displayed in the briefing map correctly.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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 Post subject: Re: Release info
PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:31 pm 
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From now on, no hacked apk's or extended lag periods (indicating a switch) will be allowed online.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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 Post subject: Re: Release info
PostPosted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:38 pm 
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Nor any mofifications of the game resources. It's considered a cheat to replace or modify graphics or other resources.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
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